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financialFinancial Statement Auditing is the cornerstone of Ewart & Associates, LLC. Credit Union Supervisory Committees are charged with conducting an audit annually. We service Credit Unions from the very small to the large, throughout Florida, North Carolina, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

We are members of the Florida, North Carolina and American Institutes of Public Accountants. Does your credit union have a certified, opinion audit today? More and more, Federal and State Regulators except that credit unions will have an opinion audit instead of the original supervisory committee examination. An opinion audit is considerably more comprehensive and in-depth in scope than a supervisory committee examination. Also, having an opinion audit relieves a Supervisory Committee from having to conduct separate, 100% confirmation of their membership.

As we focus solely on credit unions, our practice is uniquely positioned to provide a Credit Union with a comprehensive, cost effective audit to satisfy regulatory obligations. The staff at Ewart & Associates, LLC has conducted literally thousands of audits, which means that your Credit Union will benefit from our depth of knowledge, experience, and ability to handle difficult situations.

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