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bsaBSA/AML and OFAC compliance has been a hot topic among Regulators in recent years. Regulators frequently cite BSA/AML/OFAC compliance as a top priority when setting their regulatory expectations and priorities for the year.

Ewart & Associates, LLC can provide a Credit Union with an agreed-upon procedures engagement that reviews Bank Secrecy, Anti-Money Laundering and OFfice of Foreign Assets Control compliance. We have a CAMS certified CPA on staff, and are members of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists.

Our experience includes conducting compliance reviews of very large credit unions with complex operations including those who service Money Service Businesses and even international remittances. We have a comprehensive understanding of what Regulators expect from Credit Unions, and even provide periodic training programs for our client base. We have the experience and knowledge to assist a client with getting their AML compliance program into full compliance and ensuring that it stays that way.

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